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If you are searching for a federal job! You have come to the right place. The federal job world is very confusing. Here is the problem many people struggle with.

During the past 10+ years the federal application process has gone through updates and changes. Remember the KSAs? The KSAs process used to be very complex. You had to begin with building the resume of 5 or more pages and then create another 5 to 8 pages of additional information to match the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities responses. All of that changed in 2010.

The goal of the federal resume writing is to get through three steps. First, you want to make sure you get past the electronic process; second, get through the reader, and third reviewed by the selecting official.

Our federal employment experts are just that experts in understanding the federal application process. Once you decide to pursue an established company such as ours, you will begin to actually understand all of the areas mentioned. The most important part of the entire process is to assist you with building strong accomplishment statements relevant to the specialized experience and other requirements. We know how to make it happen. You will learn that this is the time to brag and toot your own horn to enable the reader to establish why you are a good fit for the position. The statements we create together are never generic. That is what will make a difference. We hope this will entice you enough to at least contact us for a FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION.