Having served veterans for over 10 years has allowed me to understand the transition from the military to civilian job search. Listening to story after story has helped me to understand their dilemma. You need to walk in the shoes of a veteran to understand this. There are a few true stories of what are the benefits of contacting a Federal Employment Expert.

Story #1: Life is Good – Tim G. – Veteran

When Tim came to me he was very unhappy with his job as a manager at a retail store. Together we evaluated his military background, education, and experience. Tim discovered his potential to land a fulfilling job with the federal government. Tim worried that his meteorology degree would have no effect on his qualifications, but it did. Through the consultation and career assessment, he learned his training made him unique and memorable to a prospective employer. Tim went on to a new job based on the assistance of a career coach and is currently living a good life in San Diego, and thoroughly enjoys his job.

Story #2: Jack of all Trades and Master of None – Josh B. – Disabled Veteran

After leaving the military, I was feeling numb about what to do and my priorities were not in place. All I wanted to do was get home and then figure out things later after a long rest. I was enrolled in the VA’s vocational rehabilitation and employment program. The Marine Corps put me through a transition assistance program prior to preparing me for the civilian world. I began with the direction of Building Inspector as I had attended a building inspection school. That turned out to be a failure. When we leave active duty, we have a different paradigm than the civilian world is related to organizational leadership and structure. After I came home, I wasn’t sure what direction to go and I was beginning to realize I was walking my own path. Next, I was in an unemployment training program. Then I acquired my truck driver’s license and certifications in a water truck and water pull. I was starting to fill like a failure because I started off so well. One of the greatest things I could ever do for myself was to find a Career Coach. This proved to be the most effective because I needed a navigator and having realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was able to obtain more results in a short period of time. When I began working with a career coach, I was headed in a better direction than when I first returned from active duty. I was able to think about my goals and my future. Thanks to the career coach I became inspired. After a couple of consultations, I began to feel worthy again.

Story #3:  My Fears, Emotions, and Negativity Transitioned to Hope  Enthusiasm, and Success – Dennis D. – Disabled Veteran

When I first left the military, or actually before I left the military, knowing that I was going back to the civilian world I was very apprehensive about a lot of things. I did not have a job lined up as of yet. I knew about the sheriff’s department, the county sheriff’s department of which I had applied for. I did not get a response as to whether or not I was going to be hired or not. I was told that they would let me know soon and you know you want to call but not bug them either. So they were making their decisions but I was very nervous. So I was very apprehensive and nervous. A little scared because I was like, ok. I was going to go into the world without a paycheck. I was scared because I was married and didn’t want to go back into the military to reenlist. Then I thought maybe I could go into the reserves. I didn’t know where my next employment was going to be so I started looking for employment. I looked in the newspaper, I started to you know go to different shops or factories and the supermarkets asking if they were hiring.  Anything that I can to secure you a paycheck and a job. So it was a hardship for me and my family. There were many challenges I had to deal with. I went online and looked for jobs and I went all over the country for anything I could get. There was a West Virginia Department of Corrections that called me and they wanted to hire me and they wanted the resume. I had at that time. It was not the best-looking resume. This was before I hired a Professional Career Coach and Resume Writer. Once I enlisted in this service and based on my experience they wanted to hire me. But there was a salary challenge, the salary I qualified for was too high. So I respectfully declined the position. The Professional Service I was working with made a difference and continued to guide me. I was told my resume was outstanding. “I have never seen a resume look so great,” were remarks. This service taught me some techniques that were beneficial with my job search. After learning 75% of the battle I was having had been won. I was now beginning to feel more confident. The day came when I received the call for a great federal job offer and went through the process with the guidance of my professional coach/resume writer. I went on the interview ready and dressed for success. The SSA office was very very happy due to my enthusiasm. I was ready to work immediately. We signed the paperwork and I was hired. I do give credit to this service and the staff that worked with me. I have gained employment and have complete career satisfaction. Thankful for the quality service of a Professional Coach/Resume Writer.

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