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“Listen” If you are reading this, it’s because you are considering Anita to help you with your resume and I highly recommend that you do. That would be a very wise investment for your future. Back in 2013, I invested my hard earned money with Anita and she worked with me all the way to ensure that I presented a very professionally prepared resume. I truly believe that presenting that resume in it’s detailed and professionally written way, gave me an added sense of confidence, when I was selected and given an appointment for an interview. Remember a well-written resume, will make a big difference when the HR department is evaluating whom they will consider for any specific job and that added sense of confidence will give you an extra edge when preparing for the interview. Not only did I get the job but 4 years later, I was recommended for a different position in another department, which required an updated resume. Without a second thought, I contacted Anita for some assistance and to my surprise and delight she remembered who I was and the resume she prepared for me. I again invested with Anita to revise my resume and needless to say, I got the other job, which was a promotion and a better means of financial stability for myself and my family. I know without a doubt, that the investment I made with Anita made all the difference in acquiring those jobs. I thank Anita so much to be part of my success.
From: Anita Radosevich [mailto:anita@careerladdersinc.com]
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2018 1:52 PM
To: Perez-Vega, Orlando
I thought I would send you this official notification that I was selected for the GS-13 position. This was my first-ever interview for a GS-13 level job. A couple of years ago I was also hired for GS-12 after only one interview. I believe one of the biggest reasons is because I had a stellar résumé that made it through the HR wickets and impressed the hiring official. So thank you very much for your helping me accomplish that! Please feel free to use the above comments as an endorsing testimony. May you have much success in helping other veterans. (1-15-18) J. Crowson
Anita and her staff have assisted hundreds of people and Veterans acquire jobs that they would not have been offered with their outstanding expertise in resume preparation! This is just another great example of Anita’s knowledge, experience, and personal interest and care in assisting people to achieve the best opportunities they are eligible and qualified. (Walter Cato)
Good Evening Anita,
I just wanted to let you know I have made it through my interview for DHS Customs and Border Patrol. Without your help with my resume I would have never been able to get my foot in the door so thank you is not nearly enough to say. I am just waiting for my background and polygraph to be completed which I know will take some time. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed but I am fairly confident at this point. Thank you so much again and I will update you again when I hear anything new. Have a great day and I will talk with you soon. Thank you again. (Christine K.)
In 2015, I was a recent grad who was disappointed with my position at the time. After much thought, I decided I wanted to apply for federal jobs but didn’t know where to start. I googled federal resumes and Anita’s information popped up. I contacted her, and everything changed! She initially helped me get an entry-level position (GS-4) with the federal government, but only after a year and three months, she helped me get a promotion to a GS-5 as a claims representative, with the potential of becoming a GS-10 after 2.5 years. Just as I had gotten settled into my GS-5 position, a job posting for a disability claims examiner came out, with the potential of becoming a GS-11 after 2 years, and Anita encouraged me to apply and helped me with my resume. 3 months after applying, I was offered a position as a disability claims examiner which started at a GS-7 went up to a GS-11 after 2 years. So essentially, within a 1.5 years at my agency, I went from a GS-4, to a GS-7, and in less than 2 years I will be a GS-11. I couldn’t have done it without Anita. If you are considering contacting her, I wouldn’t hesitate!
Review By: V A (Vero_a_21@yahoo.con) – Zip Code: 60617Submitted: 01/09/2018
I recently landed a promotion to a GS-15 position within the federal government and I couldn’t have achieved this success without the resume writing expertise from Anita and her staff. I consider myself to be an excellent writer but have always found it very difficult to prepare my own federal resume package. There are a lot of competing resume writing services and I have worked with Anita for about five years. She is reliable and trustworthy. Working with Anita was well worth the investment.
Review By: Laurie Juola (mvpals@verizon.net) – Zip Code: 22309Submitted: 12/16/2017
After 15 years of trying to land a federal government position on my own or with the use of a private sector resume writer, it wasn’t until I came across this highly recommended and talented consultant, Ms. Anita, that I landed a job with the Department of Defense. I will tell you this much, she takes her time and is detailed oriented. You will not just hand her an old resume and that’s it. She gets to know you, learn of your experiences and goals before ever putting pen to paper. I would recommend her 1000%! I am beyond excited and can’t wait to start in Nov., 2017.
Review By: Diedre Parker (daparker257@gmail.com) – Zip Code: 29209Submitted: 10/06/2017
Positive feedback every time I have encountered with her about anything positive. I have had nothing but the best experience since I’ve known MS Anita. However, I would recommend anyone to her she is a true professional. I would rate this business 5 star
Review By: Derrek Butler (Derrek.Butler5@gmail.com) – Zip Code: 29209Submitted: 09/10/2017
I was very impressed on the service provided by Anita. She acted very professional and guided me through the process of finding a federal job. We set a deadline to apply for a certain position, which she met with time to spare allowing for us to review the resume. I also appreciated the fact that she constantly reached out to me to gather more info. This demonstrated to me her attention to detail and was not willing to take a short-cut to make her life easier. I will say that she was more expensive than other resume builders I found…BUT it is true you get what you pay for. This was my FIRST submission with this resume and I received an interview, which in the end landed me the job. She was recommended to me by a friend who landed his job utilizing her resume service as well.
Review By: John W. (johnweinold@gmail.com) – Zip Code: 44857Submitted: 09/13/2017
I came to Anita as a non-veteran in the middle of a very difficult career change. We never had to even check out her competitors. My wife and I recently moved to a small border town in New Mexico where we didn’t know anybody and it was VERY difficult to find a job. I had a successful media career and had literally done the same thing my entire life. I never even had any goals, any dreams, or any aspirations- because I felt so trapped in pigeon-holed in my career that I never even CONSIDERED the idea of doing something I love. I never valued myself in any other way except for how much the companies I worked for valued me. I sighed and settled into 15 years of thinking that “it’s ok, NOBODY likes their job.” When the newspapers started closing and I had to get out I was LOST. Everything I had ever been proud of meant nothing. What Anita did was RELENTLESSLY FORCE ME TO VALUE MYSELF. She kept every promise she ever made, did everything I paid her to do, and then finally ON HER OWN TIME became my friend: following up to MAKE SURE that I was successful in my federal career pursuits. That is SO MUCH MORE than what you are paying for though. She listens to your life story, your dreams, and your goals and gives you an absolutely amazing Federal Resume that achieves RESULTS. Every single dream job I applied for I was placed on that hiring list, that qualified list. Every single one. The calls all do come at once when you ARE NOT expecting it though, so please listen to the advice she gives you. I can’t really even count off hand how many interviews I have been to and calls I have received in the last few months. I accepted a position that starts a week from Monday with the USPS- and have spent a lot of this week calling potential employers back and withdrawing resumes and applications out of courtesy for them. I do have dreams, plans, and goals that I am on a career track towards. Anita already knows: when the time comes that I need her help…I’ll probably still be in touch with her.
Review By: Kevin Campbell (kcampbellfsg@gmail.com)
Hello. I hope that you, your business, and your growing family are all doing well. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we were in touch!
Life has a funny way of turning out differently than you thought. I wanted to let you know that all of the work that we did together ended up in giving me the confidence to lobby for what I wanted in my current company of Sprint instead of finding a new job somewhere else.
So, although I didn’t end up changing companies, I did end up taking my career in the new direction that I wanted. Of course, also thanks to you, I feel equipped in case I ever do need to look externally.
I also wanted to let you know that I have recommended your service to a contact of mine. He is in the management consulting, finance, and banking industry and is currently unemployed. Take care and thanks, Stacy
I am a disabled veteran and had a long history of unsuccessful federal job applications. Then Career Ladders helped me prepare my resume for five federal positions. They were very knowledgeable, confident, and thorough in their work. They know the federal application process, and their experience helped me survive the HR screening process. With their help I submitted a comprehensive and detailed resume that more accurately reflected my qualifications for the positions I was applying. They helped ensure my resume supported my responses to the applicant questionnaire that accompanies the job announcement. The results speak for themselves. I was interviewed for every position they assisted me with. Now I am working in a high-level federal position. I couldn’t have done it without them. They really went above and beyond by spending a lot of time helping me prepare my resume and practice for the interviews. I highly recommend Career Ladders, Inc. to any veteran, especially disabled veterans, who are applying for employment with the federal government.
Review By: Jim Vale (jvale@aol.com)

After graduating college and wanting to start a career in the federal government, I found the application process rather cumbersome. Anita was able to demystify the process for me. First, she crafted a detailed resume for my portfolio; listing my previous jobs, emphasizing the skills I had learned and accomplishments I had achieved in each position. After completing Anita’s interview coaching, I was confidently able to answer the behavioral interview questions asked of me by the panel interviewers. For each question asked, I already had an answer/scenario that aligned my skills with the duties of the position. Thanks to Anita’s career counseling, I was able to land a job with the DHS – for which I am very grateful. I highly recommend her services!
Review By: V. Ubaldini (vubaldini@gmail.com) –