Resume Examples

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To ensure high standards, our Certified Resume Writers have mastered their ability to translate facts into vital, interestingly worded and grammatically correct documents that engage the reader. To be successful, our professional resume writers have the skills necessary to write vital information such as the core competencies required to do the job. These include 1) The ability to interview a client and ask the appropriate questions that will elicit the key factual information needed. 2) The knowledge of the many design elements that can be used, or rejected, in creating an effective resume design. 3) The structural knowledge of knowing how to use such elements such as necessary Contact Information, Qualifications Summary, Experience, Education, and Honors/Awards. 4) The writing talent and experience that adds sizzle to what might otherwise be simply an obituary style reporting (fist I did this, then I did that, and then I did the next thing). 5) Finally, we want to show the client’s potential to be the agency’s best hiring choice. We want to answer the question “Why should this agency hire me?” And to that end, a professional resume writer is both the expert-and the perpetual student-always learning, adding new skills and tools, strategies and polishing their writing skills. Success will be the result based on the mastery of the overall document which includes matching core competencies and strong accomplishments.